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When's the best time to launch a promotion?

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Would your promotion would get a better response if you launched it at a different time or day? Fivestars examined this question by studying over 7 million promotions. With these findings, you can decide what experiments to run with your own business.

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When's the best day of the week?

According to the study, Monday and Tuesdays are when customers claim the most promotions. It drops bit by bit every day after that, and reaches the lowest levels on Saturdays and Sundays.

The reason? Mondays and Tuesdays are typically slower days for many small businesses, like restaurants and retail shops. Launching a promotion during these days could attract customers at the times you need it most.

(Bonus: Try sharing a signboard to social media to reach more customers online.)

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When's the best time of day?

Common advice is to post promotions at the beginning of the day, but it doesn't necessary mean its best for your business. In general, claim and visit rates hold steady throughout the day, particularly around 3pm.

More importantly, timing depends on industry. By no surprise, coffee shops do best in the morning hours between 8am and 12pm. However, many see a strong response in the evening as well.

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Retail shops see their promotions claimed consistently throughout the day, but there's a distinct peak at 2pm. Meanwhile, restaurants in casual dining peak after 4pm.

Afternoon promotions are especially effective on busy shopping days (e.g. the holiday shopping season). With customers anticipating and checking for offers, they stand a better chance of getting noticed.

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Is there a best time of year?

By no surprise, the most popular times for many businesses (especially gyms and studios) to launch promotions is around the holidays and summertime. There's good reason, but there's also a lot more competition to get noticed.

If you're able, Muscle Up Marketing Consultant David Vail recommends continuing to launch specials even when other businesses in your area slow down. According to Vail, you’re most likely to get customers and clients if you run promotions consistently, rather than investing a lot during particular times of year. “It’s about marketing on a consistent basis," Vail says.

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