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These Templates Just Got A Text-Wrap Makeover

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Valentine digital signage templates with text wrapping

Write on! We've added text-wrapping to even more templates, allowing you to type freely without a character limit.

During the holidays, we rolled out a soft launch for text-wrapping. This feature formats text automatically so you can write more and save time typing line-by-line. Since its introduction, we've integrated text-wrapping with our new Valentine set along with our most popular templates.

Here are the templates that support it—more will be added to the list in the weeks to come:

Our team would also like to extend our thanks to users who helped bring about text-wrapping by answering surveys, emailing us, leaving reviews in the App Store, filling out our contact form, and messaging us on social media. With your support, we're one step closer to achieving more advanced template customization. Based on feedback we've received, we understand that both freedom-to-edit and ease-of-use are important to you. We'll be keeping these values in mind as we move forward with future innovations.

To install the latest app version, click here.

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