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Share Digital Signs to Social Media

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Share digital signage to social media

You can now be post digital signs directly to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With our new social sharing feature, we're making it easier for businesses to create social media content, relay their promotions to customers, and post more frequently. We're also opening the door to web- and home-based businesses who rely solely on online activities for promotion.

Changes to Signboard Options

To make room for the Share button, we changed up the Digital Sign interface options. Share was added, and Delete has been merged with Edit.

Select a signboard and hit 'Share.'

How to Share Digital Signs to Social Media

1. Select the Digital Signs tab.

2. Tap to select the digital sign you wish to share.

3. Select Share, which appears third as a box and arrow icon.

4. On the bottom of the screen, you'll see options to share to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Select the platform you want to post to.

Select a Signboard and hit 'delete.'

How to Edit or Delete a Digital Sign

1. Select the Digital Signs tab.

2. Tap to select the digital sign you want to delete.

3. Select Edit, which appears last as a pencil icon.

4. On the bottom of the app, you'll see 2 options to Modify or Delete. Select the prompt you wish to carry out.

The Benefits of Social Media Sharing

Over 67% of small businesses post on social media to get customers. However, many don't have the time and resources to devote to graphic design. This is problematic because social media has evolved into a highly visual platform. Research suggests that more people on Facebook and Twitter engage with posts that contain photos.

what kind of content businesses use to get customers

Research from Infusionsoft's 2017 Small Business Trends Report shows that social media content plays an integral role in customer acquisition.

How Promota Helps

According to industry reports, social media is an increasingly vital and influential tool for businesses in the digital age. Platforms like Instagram rely solely on visuals, while research shows that posts with photos are highly favored on Facebook and Twitter.

Promota app contains 100+ signage templates, and continues to grow. With the new Social Sharing feature, we naturally wanted to help business owners on two fronts:

1. Promote services and products on more platforms.

2. Make it easy to share high-quality graphics on social media.

Ultimately, our goal is to help Promota users engage with their customers across different mediums, save time with design work, and drive more sales by sharing promotions.

We create based on your feedback

We're always striving to make Promota better and more useful to users. If you have any ideas on how to improve Promota to suit your business needs, let us know in our survey. We ship all respondents a free Google Chromecast for their time. Social media sharing was added because of its importance to independent business owners. When we asked businesses what they would use digital signage for, over half of respondents included social media as part of their answer.

Last month, we released another feature that was borne from user feedback: Fullscreen Mode. Fullscreen Mode allows you to play slideshows and display digital signs fullscreen on your device. It was created so that users without a Chromecast, display, or LG Smart TV could still display digital signage from their phone or tablet.

If you haven't downloaded Promota yet, install it free from the App Store.


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