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Introducing Text-Wrapping and Holiday Templates

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Promota digital signage templates text wrapping

To give you more space to write, we've added text-wrapping and resizing to select templates.

After listening to your feedback, our team has been working on ways to increase the character limit. We're pleased to roll out our first round of text customizations. Our latest update introduces new holiday templates in which text will automatically wrap to a different line, shrink, or expand according to how much you type.

Click here to update your app and give text-editing a try.

How Text-Wrapping Works

In previous versions, each text field was limited to one line. With the latest update, you can now hit "enter/return" to continue typing on another line.

Automatic Text-Resizing

Previously, text was static and stayed one-size no matter the character count. Now if you need to add more text than a space allows, the text will automatically shrink as you're typing.

Which Templates Support It?

Keep in mind this is a limited release, so only the new holiday templates will support both text-wrapping and resizing. We do plan to integrate text-editing with older templates in the future, so turn on notifications to stay updated on the next release!

Supported templates:

Promota holiday template

Promota blue holiday template

Promota text-only template

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