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How to Add an Action Button to Your Instagram Business Profile

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

How to add action button to Instagram business profile

Your customers and clients can now book, reserve, order and buy from you on Instagram. Here's how you can set up Instagram action buttons to let customers and clients do business with you, without ever leaving the platform.

How to add an action button for Instagram business

What Options Are New?

Besides the previously available Email, Text, Call and Directions buttons, you can now pick from 4 new actions:

1. Book

2. Buy Tickets

3. Start Order

4. Reserve

The action button you get is integrated with the third-party app you select. If you choose OpenTable, the Reserve button will appear on your account.

Options available for Instagram action button

How to Add an Action Button, Step by Step

First, you need to have an existing account with the third-party app of you want to integrate with. For example, if you plan to use StyleSeat to allow clients to book hair appointments, you must have an active StyleSeat business account set up.

To add an action button to your Instagram, tap Edit Profile in your bio section.

Tap edit profile on your Instagram bio

From the Edit Profile page, select Contact Options,

Tap 'Contact Options' from 'Edit Profile.'

From the Contact Options page, tap on Add an Action Button.

Select 'Add an action button.'

A list of available third-party apps will appear. At the moment, you can choose from ChowNow, EatStreet, Eventbrite, Fandango, Grubhub, OpenTable, StyleSeat, Vagaro, and Yelp to name a few. Instagram plans to add more apps to the list in the future.

Choose from a list of third-party apps

Next, enter the URL for your business page on the app your selected. This is where customers and clients will land after tapping the action button.

Add your business URL for the action button

Last step, hit Submit and your button will appear on your profile!

If for any reason you want to remove the action button, go to Edit Profile and the Contact Options page again. Select the Action button you want to delete and tap Remove Action Button at the bottom of the page.

After you set up your action button, everyone who land on your profile will be able to see it. After they tap it, they'll be directed to the third-party app you chose earlier. Below, you can see what customers go through when they make a reservation via the action button.

What customers see when using the Instagram action button

Get More Taps On Your Action Button

Adding the button makes it easier for customers and clients to purchase, book, or work with you. To encourage more engagements, we have a few simple suggestions.

- Add a Call-to-Action to your bio description. A quick callout like "Tap below to make a reservation" will guide your customers to their next step.

- Let followers and locals know on Instagram Story. With Instagram's new algorithm and the noise of the average Instagram feed, your message might get more traction via your Instagram Story. Make sure to tag your location and use relevant, local hashtags to make yourself discoverable!

- Create a coupon code for Instagram users. Set up a promo code that Instagram users can apply when they purchase or book through your action button.


Action buttons are a great way to reel in existing clients and new customers who discover you on social media. It certainly doesn't hurt to have another channel to drive revenue and grow your business.

Now that you know how to add an action button to your Instagram profile, find out how to share signboards you've created to your Instagram feed. Check out this blog post to learn more.

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