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Case Study: How Sushi Confidential Uses Promota

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Sushi Confidential storefront

At the heart of downtown Campbell and San Jose sits Sushi Confidential. Known for their fresh fish and American-style rolls, this fusion spot is a favorite for foodies and casual diners alike. Walk into their Campbell location and you're greeted with a modern interior that matches the cuisine they serve: New Americana with Asian-inspired elements.

Chef Randy from Sushi Confidential

The owner of Sushi Confidential is Randy Musterer, who trained under multiple sushi chefs while working his day job as a Cancer Research Scientist. On weekends, he hosted underground sushi parties where he served unique creations to 30 people at a time while swearing them to secrecy. Hence, Sushi Confidential was born.

We partnered with this award-winning sushi spot to see how Promota could help drive sales for limited-time specials not on the menu.

Taylor Brown, manager of Sushi Confidential in Campbell, says:

"We only order special fish on Friday and Saturday, oftentimes it's more expensive and we really are relying on the servers to push for that since it’s not on the menu. If the servers aren’t verbally telling the guests, then we’re not necessarily serving it because they don’t know that we have it as it’s not on the menu. Other than the chalkboard, [Promota] is another way to display the specials."

Sushi Confidential is split into two sides. On one side is a sushi bar, above which sits the chalkboard that Taylor is referring to. Meanwhile on the opposite side, 3 TVs are dispersed across the drink bar alone. Two TVs show sports, while one TV hosts their specials using Promota.

"[Promota] is a way for guests to see what's going on... whenever they're out people are interested in technology. If we have a special, people gravitate towards the TV. On a chalkboard they might not be as interested."

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