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Explore New Business Types

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Promota app now covers 14 small business industries

We've added new templates to cover even more business types. In addition to existing industries (food & drink, retail, hair & beauty), there are 11 new ones:

  • Food & Drink: meal · sweets · beverages

  • Fashion: clothing · shoes · accessories

  • Hair & Beauty: skin · nails · spa · personal care

  • Entertainment: photography · music · art · video

  • Professional Services: finance · legal · consulting · tech

  • Health & Fitness: workout · healthcare · wellness

  • Automotive: auto repair · wash · dealership

  • Education & Non-Profit: schools · tutoring · community centers

  • Event Planning: weddings · parties · trade shows

  • General Retail: home goods · convenience stores

  • Home Services: yardwork · housekeeping · home repair

  • Hotels & Travel: vacation · hospitality · tourism

  • Real Estate: home sales · construction · buildings

  • Pets: pet care · training · pet products

new promota templates for more business types

If you don't see your industry listed, you can still customize any template from any category to fit your needs. Text and photos can always be edited, so choose templates based on their layout over their content.

The expansion of categories reflects a growing community of users from diverse backgrounds. Initially, we launched Promota as a digital signage app for restaurant, bakery, dessert shop, and cafe owners in the United States. After some time, we discovered that a variety of businesses in beauty and retail were using Promota and requesting templates catered to their industry. After we added beauty and retail templates, the number of app users exploded to include people who run an amazing array of businesses, including gyms, dental clinics, car shops, studios, schools, dojos, and many more.

We couldn't be more thankful for the change our community of users has helped us bring. Along with new industries, Promota has reached new locations all over the world. Small business owners everywhere — from the U.K. to Malaysia, Germany to Trinidad & Tobago — are now using our little app at their place of business. We're incredibly grateful and excited to continue reaching and helping more business owners around the globe!

If you haven't already seen them, here's a look at our latest designs. To use them, open the app or install Promota for free if you haven't already.

Promota digital signage new business templates

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