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3 Easy Steps to Promote a Sale or Special

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

No matter what time of year it is, promotions are a great strategy to bring in more business. Promota was made to help you streamline content creation and gain visibility in-store and online. Here are three easy steps to get more eyes on your next sale or special.

Black Friday Sale template

1. Design a promotion.

There are hundreds of digital signage templates in Promota that are free to use. Promote everything from sales to specials, new items to limited-time offers. Pick any pre-made layout you like and replace the content to fit your business.

Here are a few examples of our most popular holiday templates.

Promota free digital signage templates

There's plenty more in-app, so click here to install Promota for free in the App Store.

2. Display your promotion in-store.

Once you've created your promotion, the next step is to display it in-store. Digital signage has been shown to increase sales by 31.8 percent, repeat buyers by 30 percent, and foot traffic by 32.8 percent. If you're looking to get more attention for your holiday promotion, check out our guide on how to connect to Chromecast.

Promota has a built-in signage system that enables casting to any TV. All you need is a Google Chromecast device, which is $35 at most retail locations. For small business owners who don't want to commit to a hundred-dollar system, Promota provides the same outcome for free.

Displaying digital signage with Chromecast

Promota tip: If you're running multiple promotions at once, add them to a slideshow.

3. Share your promotion online.

For customers at home who haven't visited your business in a while, loop them in by posting your promotion on social media. Promota makes it easy with the option to share directly to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Every new view is a potential customer, so get creative with your posts. Use geolocation and hashtags to get more views, and encourage followers to share them with their friends.

Here's an example of a Facebook post by our user Frank's Bar and Grille.

frank's bar and grille BOGO dessert coupon

They got creative with their promotion and turned it into a coupon, redeemable in-store. Not only does this encourage customers to come in, it's also a great way to go viral and reach new audiences.

Capiche? Get started with your promotion.

Despite the bustle of the season, launching a holiday sale doesn't have to be a long stressful process. It can really be as simple as these three steps. Try Promota free in the App Store and give it a shot.


When you reach step three, tag us on social media and we'll even share your promotion to our followers.

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