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Play Signage Fullscreen on iPad

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Play digital signage on iPad

Huzzah! Promota is ready to use on an tablet near you. With the new iPad version, you can now display your signboards on an even bigger screen.

The iPad version is meant to be used with the app's Fullscreen Mode, which lets users display digital signs and play slideshows fullscreen on a phone, tablet, or Apple TV. New digital sign templates have also been added for the holidays, including ones for retail shops, spas, and salons.

In-store digital signage using a tablet

What's Fullscreen Mode?

After sending out a feedbackform, we learned that many of our users aren't equipped with a Chromecast and TV to use Promota fully.

Brainstorming for a solution, we revisited the concept of a 'Preview Mode' (which would later become Play Mode, then Fullscreen Mode.) This would allow users to display signboards fullscreen on their device. From there, they could prop their device on its side and place it on a counter, wall, or frame.

How To Use Fullscreen Mode

You can use Fullscreen Mode with individual digital signs or full slideshows you've created.

To display a Digital Sign by itself:

1. Edit and save a signboard through the Discover tab (located at the bottom of the app.)

2. Tap to Select the Digital Signs tab. You will see all the boards you've created, with the latest ones appearing first.

3. Tap the Digital Sign you wish to display. You'll see four options, with Fullscreen Mode appearing second.

4. Tap Fullscreen Mode, which appears second as a triangle icon and the word Fullscreen.

How To Play Slideshows On Your Device:

1. Tap to select the Slideshows tab.

2. Select the option to Add Slideshow.

3. Select and add the digital signs you wish the stream.

4. Tap to select Fullscreen, which appears second as a triangle icon.

Holiday templates for digital signage

What else is new?

Just in time for the holiday rush, we added new categories for retail and beauty. Check them out in the app!


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