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Introducing Fullscreen Mode and New Digital Signs

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Our latest update introduces Fullscreen Mode (formerly called Play Mode), which lets users display digital signs and play slideshows fullscreen on a phone, tablet, or Apple TV. New signboard templates have also been added, including ones for Salons, Spas, and Retail Stores.

digital signage templates

New Industries Covered: Retail, Hair & Beauty

We've been seeing an increasing number of signups from business owners working in Salons, Spas, and General Retail Stores.

To serve our growing userbase, we've been working on more digital sign templates that use examples related to Hair, Beauty, Makeup, Skincare, Nailcare, and Retail Promotions.

We will continue to make templates for the Food & Beverage industry, and all templates can be used interchangeably regardless of their category. Photos can be swapped out, and text can always be changed!

Editor's Note: Since this update, we've updated our app to cover even more business types (14 in total!) See the full list of industries here.

digital signage for tablet

What's Fullscreen Mode?

After sending out a feedback form, we learned that many of our users aren't equipped with a Chromecast and TV to use Promota fully.

Brainstorming for a solution, we revisited the concept of a 'Preview Mode' (which would later become Fullscreen.) This would allow users to display digital signs fullscreen on their device. From there, they could prop their device on its side and place it on a counter, wall, or frame.

displaying promotions on an iPad

How To Use Fullscreen Mode

You can use Fullscreen Mode with individual digital signs or full slideshows you've created.

how to display a signboard

To display a Digital Sign by itself:

1. Create a sign through the Digital Signs tab (located at the bottom of the app.)

2. Edit and save your digital sign.

3. Select the Digital Signs tab. You will see all the signs you've created, with the latest ones appearing first.

4. Tap the sign you wish to display. You'll see four options, with Fullscreen appearing second.

5. Select Fullscreen, and your digital sign will display on your device.

how to display a slideshow

​To display a Slideshow:

1. Select the Slideshows tab.

2. Add a slideshow or select the one you wish to display.

3. Select Fullscreen, which appears second as a triangle icon.

What do you think of the update? Your feedback is important to us, and we'd love to hear your thoughts.

Visit the link below to download Promota for free in the App Store.


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